Food is too valuable to waste

Our technology halves food waste and significantly increases kitchen profits

How Winnow’s technology helps chefs

Like any chef, we are passionate about the value of food. Winnow’s innovative technology cuts food waste in half and saves chefs time and money, so that they can achieve their profit targets or devise more creative menus.

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“Winnow makes my job easier as a chef because it gives me larger control over my kitchen and my staff. We’ve reduced waste by about half.”

Greg Olszewski - Head Chef
Restaurant Associates, Wellcome Trust

Reduce food waste and increase profits

Reduce food waste and increase profits

Kitchens can waste up to 20% of food purchased, often equivalent to their total net profits. This is because chefs too often lack the necessary tools to accurately measure and manage waste. By using Winnow’s data intelligently kitchens can cut food waste in half and increase their kitchen’s profit margins.

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Quick and easy to use

Quick and easy to use

Winnow is designed with busy kitchens in mind. You can place any bin on the device and your staff throw out food as usual, but as they do so they simply select the source of waste and the food menu item. Winnow then calculates and provides real-time feedback on the food cost. It’s all done in a matter of seconds, so your kitchen staff don’t feel burdened with additional pressures.

Winnow’s cloud analytics platform is as equally intuitive, with staff and managers able to access real-time information on the go and generate reports in just a few clicks.

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Gain control and insight with actionable data

Winnow provides chefs with the data they need to take control of their kitchen. The cloud-based reporting platform provides real-time reporting on the go and head chefs can run daily, weekly and monthly reports that show how to reduce food waste, identifying the largest areas for improvement.

The reporting feature makes it easy to quickly establish the main culprits for food waste. Certain foods may be overproduced or not as popular with customers, or there may be a storage, spillage or preparation issue. Immediate actions can then be taken to reduce food waste and long-term strategies and training needs can also be identified.

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You're fully supported - from set-up to food waste strategies

Winnow is completely intuitive for kitchen users but we take the pressure off time-pressured chefs, form initial menu set-up to training staff members fully on how to use it – and the benefits of doing so. After all, there is no point in implementing a new system unless everyone in the kitchen is on-board.

We also ensure that head chefs are fully trained in how to analyse the reports to get the data they need to run their kitchen efficiently. And most importantly, we are on hand to analyse the data at regular intervals and provide helpful suggestions on how other kitchens have reduced food waste in similar situations.

Be a leader in the sustainable food movement

Sourcing local produce has been a proud claim by leading chefs for a while now. Reducing food waste will be the natural follow-on once the industry becomes aware that significant reductions are not just possible, but easy to implement.

For the pioneering chef Winnow is the natural solution.

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Bring creativity back into the kitchen

Bring creativity back into the kitchen

Many chefs we work with have a passion for creating inventive and quality menus but profit margins can restrict that. Some chefs have injected the significant food costs savings back into their menu offerings, improving repeat and recommended business as well as their individual reputation.

Other chefs have used our food innovation technology to identify areas where food waste can be creatively repurposed to further enhance their menu.

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