Pioneering technology that halves food waste, with results the boardroom will love

Significantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and meet your sustainability goals

How Winnow can help you achieve your CSR goals

CSR initiatives can often be seen as a trade-off to a companys profits margins, at least in the short-term. It can also be difficult to prove any return on investment (ROI) and, even if this is possible, it can be a long time before any return is seen.

Winnow is the perfect CSR initiative. It not only helps you significantly improve your carbon footprint, it is also easy to implement and provides rapid, measurable and significant ROI.

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"In our first year of working with Winnow we were able to cut food waste in half, which was equivalent to 10,000 plated meals, and reduce our carbon footprint by 50 tonnes - at just the start of our partnership."

Fleur Watson, Corporate Responsibility Manager - Restaurant Associates


You can now prevent food waste – not deal with it

Until now, converting food waste into energy was seen as the only viable alternative to harmful landfills. Winnow provides an exciting opportunity for those in CSR to prevent food waste before it reaches this stage.

Preventing food waste, instead of just dealing with it, has so far helped one of our clients reduce their carbon footprint by 50k tonnes a year.

Measurable metrics

Our reporting analytics makes it easy for CSR teams to analyse existing food waste metrics, identify areas for improvement and report back on results.

The CSR team can analyse metrics on where food wastage is taking place - such as production, incorrect portion sizes, unpopular food choices, storage issues, spillage or preparation - in order to devise improvement strategies. The reporting function is transparent, easy to follow and can be set up with your specific goals in mind, such as reduction of carbon footprint, food volume and food costs.

Rapid and high ROI: sites using Winnow can expect an ROI of 2x to 10x

Winnow is a rare solution that will excite everyone in the business. It may be a very green initiative but it also saves businesses a lot of money - and it does so quickly. In 95% of cases, Winnow has provided a return on investment within just 12 months. With less waste customers typically save 3-8% on food cost. If you’re a catering or hotel group with multiple sites you can see how savings can quickly escalate.

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Be seen as a leaders in the sustainable food movements

Sustainable food initiatives have become big movements within the hospitality industry, with many leading brands clamouring to announce that their produce is sourced locally and that they are making significant strides in reducing their carbon footprint.

At the moment, those in the industry are largely unaware of how to reduce food waste without impacting operations but Winnow now makes this possible and is a natural partner to pioneering businesses.

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