Food waste technology, helping you to save time and money.

Introducing Winnow Vision, the most advanced food waste management technology on the market. Enabled with AI to maximise operational efficiency and data accuracy, reducing food waste with Winnow Vision is effortless. Join hundreds of kitchens across the globe cutting their costs by up to 8% a year.

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Run a more efficient and sustainable kitchen by automating food waste capture

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Winnow Vision's food waste management technology has been trained to recognise over 600 different food items

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Winnow Vision's food recognition technology automatically recognises the wasted food items, saving staff time

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Winnow Vision requires almost no staff training or data entry as it provides you with accurate insight into food waste in your kitchen

Winnow Vision delivers benefits in professional kitchens around the globe

Winnow Vision is the first time that AI has entered the professional kitchen at scale. This is a breakthrough product in the fight against food waste. Automation reduces the barriers to entry for thousands of kitchens around the world.

From day one, Winnow Vision offers improved data accuracy by validating each food waste entry, providing richer insight to help teams reduce waste.

As more image data is gathered into the food waste management technology system, Winnow Vision becomes smarter. When recognition capability is turned on, a state of semiautomation is reached where users are only required to confirm the suggested food. This reduces human error and saves users time.

Eventually, full automation will not require any input from the team. 

Patent US 10290226

Chef baking in a kitchen with a food waste management technology

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Cutting food waste in half has real bottom line benefits

Thousands of chefs worldwide are already saving time and money with Winnow's food waste management technology

Cut your food costs by


per year

Fast financial returns with up to


ROI in year one


Typical ROI 200%-1,000% within the first year of using Winnow

See how IKEA Bergen reduced food waste by 45% over the first 12 weeks

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Request a demo of Winnow Vision today to learn how you can join hundreds of kitchens cutting food waste in half with cutting-edge AI

  • Reduce food waste by 40-70%
  • Reduce your food costs by 2-8%

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Request a demo

Request a demo of Winnow Vision today to learn how you can join hundreds of kitchens cutting food waste in half with cutting-edge AI

  • Reduce food waste by 40-70%
  • Reduce your food costs by 2-8%

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Award-winning food waste management technology


Winnow has been awarded the Tech Disruptor 2019 award at The Circulars. Presented at the World Economic Forum, the prestigious awards recognises achievement in developing the circular economy. Previous winners have included IKEA, Nike and Patagonia.

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Meet Winnow Vision

Equip your team with cutting edge AI tools and food waste management technology. Watch the video and take a tour of what’s included.

Your Path to Automation


Upon installation

From day one you will gain greater visibility across your kitchens. Photos captured in the food waste management technology validate 100% of your data. You’ll also benefit from richer insight into your customers’ preferences to support your menu engineering.
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As you begin training, Winnow Vision becomes smarter, predicting a shortlist of 5 items that improve ease of use and reduce human error.

Full kitchen automation

Once fully trained Winnow Vision becomes more accurate than humans. Wasted items are automatically recorded into the food waste management technology system, taking zero staff time and completely eliminating human error. Teams benefit from powerful reporting which drives down waste and cuts food costs.

Used by hospitality professionals around the globe

Thousands of chefs worldwide are already saving money and time using Winnow

"We’ve identified that overproduction is the main reason why we were wasting food. Winnow captures all of the food waste within the building and has helped me gain more control over my kitchen."

Thom Barker - Executive Chef, Chartwells Compass Group

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Used by hospitality professionals around the globe

Thousands of chefs worldwide are already saving money and time using Winnow

"With the help of Winnow, we have been able to improve our food offer. With our savings from reducing food waste, we have been investing in higher quality food and more sophisticated ingredients. We always attempt to deliver an unforgettable experience to all our guests."

Puchon Basoodeo - Executive Chef , Club Med Bali 

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Why Winnow Vision is built using AI technology

Winnow Vision - AI technology to power the kitchen of the future

Accuracy surpasses human level

Winnow Vision surpasses kitchen level accuracy of food waste categorisation. Due to the busy and often stressful nature of kitchens, kitchen level accuracy of food waste is between 70-75%. Winnow Vision now recognises the right item, first time, on over 80% of transactions and will improve over time. Additionally, the Winnow team validates each transaction to ensure the highest data quality.

Save time on data input

Automating food waste capture with Winnow Vision ensures that kitchen staff can spend more time cooking rather than entering data. In less than a couple of seconds, Winnow Vision recognises the wasted food, enabling staff to resume their task in the kitchen.

Reduced operational friction

Winnow Vision dramatically reduces the need for other tasks like staff training or engagement programs. Once trained in the kitchen, you will receive pinpoint data on your waste with no staff input required.

How will AI transform the hospitality industry?

Take a look inside The Kitchen of the Future

This guide looks at how artificial intelligence will shape the hospitality industry in the months and years ahead.

In this guide, four industry experts from Emaar Hospitality Group, IKEA, Russell Partnership Technology and the World Resources Institute share their insights on how businesses can utilize AI technology to stay ahead of the curb.

How will AI Transform the hospitality industry ebook cover

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is computer vision? plus symbol minus symbol

Computer vision is a particular type of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It works by taking the information in an image, breaking it down in detail, and then making the computer analyze this information to understand what the image is.

How will Winnow Vision help my kitchen? plus symbol minus symbol

Winnow Vision allows kitchens to automatically track and analyze food waste. It uses AI to help chefs easily pinpoint waste, cut costs and improve performance. Kitchens using Winnow typically see food waste cut in half, saving 3%-8% in reduced food purchasing costs.

How does Winnow Vision work? How accurate is it? plus symbol minus symbol

The system takes photos of wasted food as it's thrown away and, using the images, the machine trains itself to recognise what is thrown in the bin. Winnow Vision is now operational in over 1,000 kitchens worldwide. Our data shows that we have reached and surpassed human levels of accuracy in identifying wasted foods.

What are the costs? What kind of ROI should I expect? plus symbol minus symbol

Typically Winnow kitchens see an ROI of 200%-1,000% within year one. Our pricing is tiered according to the specifics of your kitchens.

Find out more on our pricing page.

What does the Winnow Vision system comprise of? plus symbol minus symbol

A Winnow Vision system is made up of a Vision Control Box that records food waste and a connected scale that captures its weight.

A Vision Control Box is comprised of:

  • An in-built camera that automatically takes pictures of food as it’s thrown away and processes them in real time,
  • An embedded tablet configured with the Winnow App and your kitchen’s menu, where food waste is recorded and categorised.

How long will it take for the system to reach automation? plus symbol minus symbol

Once deployed, Winnow’s begins learning how to recognise food items as they’re thrown away. For most kitchens we are able to turn on AI predictions on day one, but the exact time frame depends on the breadth of your food offer.

What are the requirements for installing Winnow Vision? plus symbol minus symbol

Winnow Vision requires an internet connection, power supply, and wall space to install the Vision Control Box, as well as space for the bin and connected scale.

What are some of the benefits of implementing Winnow Vision? plus symbol minus symbol

  • Data quality and image-led data analytics: You know exactly what’s being thrown away and have images to validate the data. This quality data helps kitchens pinpoint waste and reduce overproduction
  • Save time and improve efficiency: Automated data collection both improves efficiency and saves time when compared to other methods of food waste recording
  • Digital transformation: Utilise AI in your kitchen and be seen as industry pioneers by customers and industry
  • Environmental impact: Food waste produces greenhouse gases, so reducing this waste decreases your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Does Winnow Vision differentiate between similar looking food? plus symbol minus symbol

Winnow Vision surpasses human levels of accuracy which means that the system will be able to tell the difference between two very similar looking food items, even if the human eye might not be able to. An example of this is that the Winnow Vision system is able to differentiate between a piece of roast chicken vs. Piri Piri chicken though the human eye might not be able to.

How much could I save by using Winnow Vision? plus symbol minus symbol

Winnow’s data shows that commercial kitchens waste up to 20% of all food purchased (typically between 5% - 15%). Kitchens using Winnow’s analytics can expect to cut this in half in 6-12 months. This equates to average savings of between $1 - $5k a year for a smaller site through to $50k+ for a large hotel or staff restaurant.

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