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About us

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Our culture
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About us

Our mission

Did you know that a third of all food produced globally ends up being wasted?  It’s estimated that if food waste were a country, it would be the third highest emitter of greenhouse gases after the US and China.  

We were so outraged by this that we made it our mission to tackle the food waste problem.  Our goal is to use pioneering AI technology to significantly reduce the amount of food which is wasted around the globe.  

We are serious about it, too. We’ve set the most ambitious goal of any food waste solution globally - we want to reduce food waste for our clients by $1billion by 2027.  

We’re a registered B Corp meaning we strive to balance profit with people and the planet.  We feel proud that we are working on something which is purpose driven and contributing to a better world.

About us

Our culture

We are fiercely protective of our culture - it’s our culture which makes Winnow a truly unique place to work.  Our culture is driven by our values.  You’ll find us to be transparent and honest, ambitious and driven, inspirational and innovative.  We thrive on challenges and our pace is fast.

We’re humble people and we’re not fussed on titles.  We believe everyone has valuable opinions, and we’re eager to hear them.  

As you would expect, we love food and incorporate this into Winnow life wherever we can.  We take it in turns to organise team dinners, arrange lunch and learn sessions, and trade our favourite recipes, restaurants and home produce gardening tips via dedicated Slack channels!

About us

Our people

We are a group of talented and driven professionals coming from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our combined expertise and passion for our mission makes us a formidable team in the fight against the growing global trend of food waste.

We’re ambitious and pro-active. We understand we are each making a direct contribution to the mission, and we are dedicated to being the best that we can be to achieve this.

And we like each other! Whether that’s catching up over a cinnamon bun on a Monday morning, enjoying a meal during one of the regular team dinners, or watching the fun and games at the quarterly away meetings, spending time with our friendly and like-minded colleagues is one of the highlights of daily life at Winnow.

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  • 1 Equal parts head & heart
  • 2 Bravely honest
  • 3 People of action
  • 4 Bound by food
  • 5 Hungry & humble
  • 6 People & planet positive

Our values

Equal parts head & heart

We’re both passionate and measured.

We carefully balance the need for quick solutions and pragmatism with the ability to step back, take in the bigger picture and build for the long term.

Equal parts head and heart

Our values

Bravely honest

With each other, that means we’re a transparent organisation where healthy, respectful debate is encouraged.

With our customers, we challenge them if we don’t think they’re achieving their goals, whether they be environmental or financial.

Bravely honest

Our values

People of action

Done is better than perfect, and we learn by boldly doing then rapidly improving. We’re breaking new ground, so we know things might go wrong. But we judge ourselves and each other on our reaction and our resilience.

people of action

Our values

Bound by food

We’re a diverse bunch, but our belief in the value of food is the common thread in everything we do.

With each other, we celebrate through love and respect for food. With our customers, it means we work hard to develop creative tools to make it easy for chefs to value food.

bound by food

Our values

Hungry & humble

Our product is revolutionary, our people are impressive, and we’re hungry for change.

But we’re just the catalyst for a bigger movement. We stay humble regardless of our success, and make chefs the heroes on this journey.

hungry and humble

Our values

People & planet positive

We’re caretakers of the planet, helping to preserve and support it for now and the future. Our work already minimises the impact that the hospitality industry has on the planet, and we’re also committed to actively reducing our own footprint while doing so.

We’re leaving the planet and its people better off than we found them.

people and planet positive
Group pic

Our love of food unites us, and our diverse, global outlook sets us apart.

At Winnow, our people and customers are as diverse as the thousands of global food items we're dedicated to saving. We prioritise accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed, valued, and catered to.

We're unwavering in our commitment to continuous improvement, evolving our work environment and products to meet the unique needs of our unique team.

We embrace diverse perspectives from our global team and the thousands of chefs around the world who use our technology. We know it’s only by listening and acting on these insights that we will achieve our mission.

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We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected vetaran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Benefits and perks

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Nothing beats having a sense of purpose.To personally contribute to solving a global problem with a real social impact gives an immense sense of fulfilment.

Path 211

Learning and development

We hire ambitious people with ambitious career goals. We’re dedicated to support you to achieve these goals.

Path 211


We trust our people to get their job done, so where helpful, you’ll be supported to do this from a location or time to suit.

Path 211

Challenge and opportunity

We’ve got plenty of challenges, and we’ll be counting on you to help solve them. You’ll work alongside industry experts, so expect to grow a lot as a result.

Path 211

Benefits and perks

You’ll receive equity in Winnow, subsidised health care, life insurance, an employee assistance programme, monthly wellbeing hours and invites to our legendary team dinners.

Path 211

Impact 50 company

We're a winner of Impact 50's most impactful companies to work for - where employees throughout the organisation feel that the contributions are making a meaningful impact to an important cause.

Didn’t find a suitable position?

We are always looking for new talented individuals to join our team. Send us your CV and we'll review when a position opens up.

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People with purpose

We are passionate about living our values and place them at the centre of everything we do. We are excited about like minded talent who share these values, joining us in our mission:

Simina Crisan | QA Manager | Cluj

It's not often that you get to work for a company that has skilled people driven by a noble mission. I particularly enjoy the responsibility that comes with it since I get to help create a powerful product that will change the world for the better.

Value: People of action - What's not to love about working with people that are passionate about food waste reduction and work tirelessly to meet a common goal?

Favourite Food: Sweet and sour pork or chicken - I love a flavourful dish that has a lot of zing to it!

Shonak Nathwani | Product Manager | London

The collaborative culture makes Winnow a special place to work. We’re empowered to be bold and try new ideas without being shackled by bureaucracy. The willingness to lend a helping hand, challenge each other honestly but respectfully, and our quality-first approach makes Winnow a close-knit community that enables us to innovate successfully.

Value: People and planet positive - We’re united by our mission to be a force for good, which reflects in the passion with which we serve our clients and the way we operate our business with integrity.

Favourite Food: I consume far more peanut butter than I care to admit!

Ignacio Ramirez | Managing Director North America, & Global Head of Operations | Chicago

One of the highlights of the past 6 years at Winnow is the people I have met. It’s great to work with a multicultural team where every day I get the opportunity to experience different perspectives and learn from others. Starting the UAE Food Waste Pledge was another highlight of my career as it connected the public and private sector in the UAE and brought people together to solve a common goal. Every night I go to bed knowing that I am doing the right thing for the world.

Value: Bravely Honest - Honesty allows for authentic progress, trust and integrity.

Favourite Food: I love soups in all forms from the Spanish cocido andaluz to Japanese ramen or Korean samgyetang. I’m also a huge fan of ham and tomatoes.

Constance Lambert | Business Development Manager | Singapore, then London 

I love coming to work each day and being surrounded by like minded people.  There is a positive and healthy atmosphere with a great team spirit and a real focus on People. 

I started with Winnow Singapore, but was thrilled to then transfer internally when I wanted to move closer to home and am now based in Europe selling to the French and Spanish markets.

Value: Hungry and humble - if you are hungry, motivated and passionate about what you do  there are fantastic opportunities for you at Winnow.

Favourite Food: Bread - I’m French so I grew up on bread! 

Amina Ringim | Customer Success Manager | Dubai

I love the Winnow culture - there is little bureaucracy and no hierarchy.  Speaking to the CEO / MD / CTO etc is not a big deal here.  It also has a family feel where everyone genuinely cares about each other.  All that whilst being an ambitious and challenging place to work with a lot of opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive and fun environment.

Value: Equal Part Head and Heart - I love to do things logically, but I'm also quite emotional.  

Favourite Food: Ramen -  I love the way Japanese Ramen looks so elegant, almost artistic, and then tastes so good!

Nicolae Moisa | Developer | Cluj

I started as a Summer intern and chose Winnow as was excited to work for a company which had real purpose.  I loved that even as an intern I was expected to come up with my own solutions to technical problems and that my achievements were always recognised so it was an easy decision to accept a permanent role at the end of the internship.  Fast forward a few years and I’ve been promoted, have a lot of responsibility and have developed a wide range of technical skills which I continue to grow on a weekly basis.  

Value: I’m known to be one of the “People of action”. If something doesn’t work properly, I fix it.

Favourite Food: My favourite food is chicken or beef Shawarma. You can customise it with vegetables and sauces, or drop the french fries and mayo for a healthy low calorie meal

Andreea Lucut | Developer | Cluj

It’s the passion of the people who work at Winnow which I love.  We have a really special and unique community full of talented, helpful, passionate and motivated people which is inspiring to be part of.  

In this environment you are encouraged to push beyond your limits and it’s a place where I feel I am continually growing and learning from some exceptionally talented developers.  The feeling that I am doing interesting work from which I am also contributing to achieving a mission that has a positive impact on our society makes it even better!

Value: I would say “equal parts head and heart” - with each task that I complete I take a step back to fully understand why I am doing it, why it’s useful for our clients, and what some further improvements would be which would help even more.

Favourite Food: It would have to be pasta - I love how you can create so many different dishes with completely different flavours, all with pasta as the base.