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Winnow’s technology is trusted internationally by the retail sector. Actionable reporting to drive efficiencies across your operations.

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Efficient inventory management. Winnow's waste analytics gives retailers better visibility on stock, ensuring food is served at its freshest.

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Cut costs. Retailers using Winnow can see purchasing costs of between 2%-8% by cutting food waste in half.

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Powered by Artificial Intelligence. Winnow’s AI enabled tools help teams record waste quickly and accurately driving better decision making.

Why Retailers choose Winnow

Winnow technology being used in a retail kitchen

Cut food waste and costs

Upwards of 15% of the food served in delis, hot bars and self serve counters ends up in the bin according to Winnow’s data. Our technology helps cut this in half, significantly reducing purchasing costs whilst reducing environmental impact.

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Improved profitability

In the US, on average retailers waste twice as much as they make in profits (source: ReFed). Winnow’s analytics helps prevent waste before it happens, thereby maintaining margins and stabilising purchase costs.

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Complete visibility

Measuring food waste for fresh food has always been a challenge for retailers. Manual measurement is time consuming and inaccurate. Winnow’s automated waste measurement gives retailers improved visibility and control.

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Inventory quality & availability

Perpetual inventory has been the norm for decades, but food waste from fresh food counters lead to errors in replenishment. Winnow’s digital measurement tools give retailers granular data at item level helping reduce errors.

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Compliance made simple

Food waste reporting is mandated in many regions for retailers. Winnow’s reporting suite Winnow Hub gives retailers easy reporting tools to meet regulatory requirements. Winnow food waste images manage risk and ensure teams are complying with procedures.

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Food identified using Winnow's AI technology

Intelligent and intuitive

Powered by Winnow Vision, our Artificial Intelligence tools learn to recognise food waste making measurement quick and easy. Our simple user interface is easy to understand, and new users can be trained in as little as 15 minutes.

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Planet positive

Retailers using Winnow can typically expect to cut food waste in half. Create a compelling sustainability story and help meet your corporate sustainability targets by making food waste a strategic priority.

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IKEA Norway

IKEA Eindhoven

IKEA worker handing out food

"Winnow Vision has now been installed across 23 IKEA UK & Ireland stores and the feedback from the IKEA Food teams running our restaurant kitchens has been extremely positive so far."

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Lorena Lourido
Country Food Manager at IKEA UK & Ireland

Ikea chef in a kitchen

"We can challenge ourselves to use food in a much more sensible way. By doing that, we will be at the same time, saving the environment and saving costs. So, it's a true win-win situation."

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Anders Lennartsson
Sustainability Manager, IKEA Norway

Exterior of an IKEA store

"The experience with Winnow has been amazing. In one year we saved over 48 thousand meals. We never thought we had a food waste issue. We were so surprised that we had to calculate again to believe it."

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Maarten Raijmakers
Deputy Food Manager, IKEA Eindhoven - Netherlands

How Artificial Intelligence can help Retailers

Food waste is thrown away and the photo and weight are captured by Winnow Vision.

Food being identified using Winnow's AI food waste detection technology

After a short period of training the model, Winnow Vision recognises the wasted food.


Users receive regular reports that highlight the volume, value, and environmental impact of the waste.


Kitchens that adopt Winnow save an average of $35,000 per year.


Free resources

Learn more about why food waste occurs in your kitchens, and where savings opportunities exist for your business.

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