Make data-driven decisions with food waste tracking analytics

Discover actionable insights designed to drive change at scale across your kitchens. The Winnow app and our food waste tracking software, Winnow Hub, underpin all of our solutions.

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Winnow’s food waste tracking system and analytics add significant business value

Built on a foundation of deep sector experience and global presence, Winnow’s food waste tracking analytics platform helps drive food cost savings whilst increasing yield from food preparation.

Data of food waste on food waste tracking system

In kitchen reporting

Our food waste tracking system pinpoints waste in the kitchen, and gives your teams the intelligence to drive operational improvements.

  • Asset 83Daily report helps chefs focus on most costly areas of waste
  • Asset 88Weekly reporting helps site managers review trends and food waste, tracking reductions
  • Asset 79-1Multi-site reports help teams compare performance and drive performance.
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Smart phone, tablet and laptop with the Winnow Hub

Winnow Hub - Analytics for Enterprise

Our food waste tracking online analytics platform is designed to give you visibility and control across a portfolio of sites.

  • Asset 81Visualise data with customisable dashboards
  • Asset 105Zoom into individual sites or filter views for brands, regions or groups
  • Asset 103-1Track your progress against your business's food waste tracking target
Someone using Winnow's food waste tracking system online

Action Planning

Our automated action planning tool uses predictive analytics to help guide teams to reduce overproduction.

  • Asset 86Uses historic waste data to predict trends
  • Asset 106Receive daily smart reduction tips to focus on big wins
  • Asset 87-1Data led action planning helps teams cut costs quickly
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Winnow's food waste tracking system, taking photos of food waste pictures and identifying the food

The power of pictures

Our food waste tracking pictures, accessed via the Waste Gallery, helps drive productivity improvements.

  • Asset 85Correct wasteful behaviours with retraining
  • Asset 104Help teams reduce preparation waste and increase yield
  • Asset 94Review different meal services using Waste Timeline
Someone analysing the data on their food waste tracking system

Seamless integration

Connect Winnow waste data into your own enterprise analytics via our API.

  • Asset 91Connect to your existing systems with ease
  • Asset 78Augment your existing dashboards with Winnow waste data
  • Asset 80Save time and avoid having to manually input and extract data via spreadsheet

Analytics is part of the Winnow food waste tracking and management solution


Food waste tracking in small kitchens is made simple by using a tablet.

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Use the power of photos to drive behavioural change and identify cost reduction opportunities.

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Save your valuable team time and improve data accuracy with market leading AI available from day one.

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Slash your food costs with everything in VisionAI plus additional support from Winnow’s specialists to drive rapid change.

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Find out how much it would cost your business to bring advanced AI into your kitchen and reduce waste by up to 70%

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Businesses are paying a high price for not managing their food waste with tracking software. With analysed data from over 500 kitchens worldwide, download your free copy of ‘Addressing food waste in the hospitality and food service sector’ for an overview of why and where food waste happens in your kitchen.

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