A food waste solution for every kitchen

Different kitchens have different requirements when it comes to measuring waste. Our range of food waste solutions helps you track and reduce waste across brands, sectors and geographies.

Kitchen size

Recommended VisionControl

Image led system with in-built camera and connected scale. 100 days customer onboarding support and access to monthly online skill sessions.

Recommended VisionAIplus

Everything in VisionAI plus unlimited success support, menu customisation, and validation of top transactions by our data specialists. 

winnow-track Recommended

Tablet-only solution providing a simple and affordable way to track food in smaller kitchen environments.

Optional Add-on

Visionpw Recommended
Motion sensor camera with connected scale that automatically records food waste from plates (weight and images). 

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On average businesses using Winnow see a return on investment of between 2x and 10x our fees. Contact us to get an estimate tailored to your business.

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