Winnow is working with kitchens small and large to tackle food waste

Food waste costs your kitchen and the environment

Food waste costs the UK Hospitality industry £2.5bn per annum. Food is the second biggest cost after labour.  Avoidable food waste can represent more than 10% of food costs. Most waste comes from food preparation, over-portioning of meals, and unsold food at end of service.

Auditing kitchen waste is not a job for pen and paper

Traditional, manual tracking costs staff time and has limited impact

  • Measuring waste by total weight alone has limited impact
  • Data entry is labour-intensive and prone to error
  • Processing and analytics requires dedicated resources

Understand and reduce your food waste

Measure waste, drive insight

  • Get a granular view of food waste
  • Identify process changes
  • Benchmark performance across sites

Engage staff

  • Raise awareness, change behaviours
  • Highlight training opportunities
  • Improve sustainability and staff morale

Improve profitability

  • Lower food costs, increase margins
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Improve customer loyalty

What gets measured gets managed

Direct measurement of waste builds awareness of its root causes

We have seen daily measurement of waste drive out 70% of waste by value

Providing staff with waste information enables them to drive change

X-ray specs for your bin

Winnow gives you eyes on exactly what goes into your bin, why, and how often

Without digging through garbage or manual paperwork, you can focus on what matters

Reduce food waste while improving quality of service

Some companies we've worked with

  • The Table
  • Restaurant Associates
  • Breakfast Club
  • baxterstorey
  • sams

Reduce costs.
Engage staff.
Improve sustainability.

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