Revolutionary technology to cut food waste in half

Kitchens are wasting as much on food waste as they make in net profits. The Winnow System helps by automatically measuring what gets thrown away. On average we help increase food gross margins by 2-6 percentage points.

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Total Savings by Winnow
Meals in reduced food waste
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Find out exactly how much your business could save

Get a food waste savings report fully tailored to you with our Waste Saver Calculator. By telling us a bit about your business we can give you a detailed estimate of how much your operations could save using our the Winnow System to cut food waste.

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Cook smarter with Winnow

Reduce your costs whilst doing the right thing. The Winnow system automatically measures what is put in the bin, giving you the information to dramatically improve the profitability of your kitchen.


Quick and easy to use

Simple and intuitive, the Winnow System has been designed specifically for the kitchen.

  • Touch user interface
  • Recording waste takes seconds
  • Users can be trained in just 15 minutes
  • Small size suitable for any kitchen
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Save time with Winnow


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    Tailored reports sent to your inbox daily via our cloud analytics platform

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    Set targets with your team and track performance

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    Benchmark multiple sites and see results in real time

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We’ve helped our customers save over £2,000,000


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