Cutting food waste in half has real bottom line benefits

Thousands of chefs worldwide are already saving time and money with Winnow

Cut your food costs by


Fast financial returns with up to


ROI in year one


Typical ROI 200%-1,000% within the first year of using Winnow

See how IKEA Bergen reduced food waste by 45% over the first 12 weeks

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AI technology proven to drive results in commercial kitchens

Achieve automation in your kitchen with the AI enabled Winnow Vision. This is how it works:

Food waste is thrown away and the photo and weight are captured by Winnow Vision.


After a short period of training the model, Winnow Vision recognises the wasted food.


Users receive regular reports that highlight the volume, value, and environmental impact of the waste.


Kitchens that adopt Winnow save an average of $35,000 per year.


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Join the leaders in the hospitality and food service industry who are saving money with Winnow

Winnow is the leading food management solution for contract catering, hotels & casinos, quick service restaurants, supermarkets, and cruise ship sectors.

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Run a more efficient and sustainable kitchen by automating food waste capture


Winnow Vision surpasses human levels of accuracy in identifying food waste, additionally validated to ensure data quality


After a period of training, Winnow Vision automatically recognises the wasted food items, saving staff time


Once trained, Winnow Vision requires almost no staff training or manual data entry

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Winnow Solutions

Thousands of chefs in over 40 countries are saving over $30 million annually with Winnow - a meal saved from the bin every two seconds.

Winnow Vision

Winnow Vision is an award-winning technology that takes kitchens to the next level by improving accuracy, saving time and eliminating human error.

Simply, when food is thrown away Winnow Vision captures the food item and weight using a camera and scale.

Each system is customised to an individual site. From day one, Winnow Vision offers improved data accuracy by validating each food waste transaction, providing richer insight to help teams reduce waste.

Learn more about the groundbreaking Winnow Vision >

Winnow Waste Monitor

Intuitive food waste tool loved by over 1,000 kitchens globally in over 40 countries.

Kitchens that use Winnow Waste Monitor reduce food waste by over 50%, and cut food costs by 2-8%.

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Patent US 10290226


Used by hospitality professionals around the globe

Thousands of chefs worldwide are already saving money and time using Winnow

“Winnow saves me time that nowadays is one of the most valuable assets. The system helps me understand quickly where food waste occurs. It has transformed our kitchen and helped us reduce food waste by over 50%”

Jakub Emanuel Malec, Executive Chef, Novotel Warsaw Centrum

See how Novotel Warsaw Centrum saved 27,000 meals from being thrown away

Used by hospitality professionals around the globe

Thousands of chefs worldwide are already saving money and time using Winnow

“We have been using the Winnow System for over a year now. It really did change the behaviour of our chefs producing food. It is a perfect way of measuring what goes to waste.”

Mo Kunhi, Regional Executive Chef, Sofitel Kunming

Learn how Sofitel Kunming cut food waste in half and saved more than 133,000  RMB

Used by hospitality professionals around the globe

Thousands of chefs worldwide are already saving money and time using Winnow

"We’ve seen a 70% reduction on waste, and the team has really embraced Winnow. It’s for the chefs’ benefits as well, because they are not wasting their time over producing food."

Steven Smalley, Cluster Executive Chef at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah 

See how Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort saved $65,000 by reducing food waste  

Winnow for you

Chef GM Sustainability Finance

Chef plus symbol minus symbol

Gain visibility of your kitchen’s food waste. Save money and spend more time being creative with food.

"I was very keen to start working with Winnow. It has a unique concept of saving food waste while impacting your food cost."

Vijay Anand -  Executive Chef, Executive Chef, Armani Hotel Dubai

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Operations plus symbol minus symbol

Put a stop to wasteful spending and increase your profits.  Improve customer satisfaction.

"When we implemented Winnow, we targeted to reduce up to 40% of food waste. Currently we are able to maintain 55% of food waste reduction and save annualy SGD 60,000 ($45,000)"

KP Jayaseelan - Operations Manager, Compass Group Singapore

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Sustainability plus symbol minus symbol

Reduce your environmental impact and enhance your company’s reputation.

"Working with Winnow we can use food in a more sensible way and at the same time we are saving the environment and  costs. It is a win-win situation for everyone."

Anders Lennartsson - Sustainability Manager, IKEA Norway

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Finance plus symbol minus symbol

Cut your kitchens food waste and save 3-8% on food costs.

"Since we started using Winnow last year, we have saved a total of RMB 133,000 ($20,000) which is a great result."

Mandy Zhang Ping - Chief Financial Officer, Sofitel Kunming

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Winnow’s global impact

Winnow is changing the world for good. Less food waste, millions of dollars saved, and by reducing CO2 emissions.

Start saving money and food with Winnow Vision

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Meals saved

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Tonnes of CO2 saved

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Countries using Winnow

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