Effortlessly record plate waste


Know how much your customers are wasting. Examine images to understand what items are less popular. Uncover best practice & optimise menus.


Communicate sustainability measures to your customers. Use tested communication tools to help your customers make better environmental decisions.


Effortlessly meet regulatory requirements. Automatically capture the weight of waste, without additional process steps or training for staff.

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Get a sense of your customers’ waste.

With Winnow Sense you can automatically capture the weight of your customers’ plate waste, wherever they throw it away.

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How does Winnow Sense work?

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1. Automated data capture

Touchless recording of the weight of waste at source. Allows you to capture waste wherever it’s thrown away; back of house, or in the dining area.


2. Capture all waste

Plate waste can account for more than 30% of waste in commercial kitchens. Use with Winnow’s pre-consumer products to get the complete picture of waste in your sites.


3. Trends across time

Understand waste per cover over mealtimes and days of week, allowing you to make targeted interventions to reduce plate waste.

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4. Trends across sites

Compare plate waste across sites, uncovering best practice. Use images to uncover menu and portion size feedback.


5. Talk to your customers

Use tested communication tools to help your customers make better sustainability decisions.

Works in different environments


Back of house

Capture weight of waste in the dishroom or back of house without disrupting your team’s flow.


Dining area

Capture waste in your dining area, wherever your customers throw it away.

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