Technology to run a more profitable, sustainable kitchen

You can’t lose. It’s easy to implement, quick to use, rapidly improves profits, and achieves your CSR goals.

We believe that food is too valuable to waste, and that technology can transform the way we use food. We know from our experience of working with hundreds of kitchens the pressure that those in the foodservice and hospitality management are under – from meeting tight profit and loss targets, to keeping clients or customers happy, keeping the kitchen running smoothly and analysing how to improve and stay competitive. That’s why our innovative food waste technology is made to address all of these concerns.

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"Working with Winnow helped us improve control of our operations."

Mark Baines - Head Chef
Brasserie & Bar

Increase profits in the kitchen

With less waste customers typically save 3-8% on food cost.

Rapid ROI

Winnow can be implemented quickly and the real-time and daily reports provide actionable insights from the outset. 95% of our customers see a return on investment in less than a year, reporting 2x to 10x ROI.

Accurate and actionable data

The cloud-based solution is designed to provide intuitive data on all the key metrics required for those looking to reduce their food waste, with actionable reports for the short-term and long-term.

Become sustainability leaders

Our food innovation technology is pioneering, addressing a problem that many kitchens had felt was unsolvable. Winnow is an obvious partner for ethical and ground-breaking sustainable food companies.

Easy to implement and quick to use

We understand how busy kitchens are and recording waste takes only seconds with Winnow. Implementation is quick and users can be trained in just 15 minutes.

Scalable and fully supported

Results are repeatable and quickly scalable across your business. Our international customer success team are here to support you.

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Take a look inside The Kitchen of the Future

AI Guide_2

Take a look inside The Kitchen of the Future