Innovative technology that cuts food waste in half whilst providing significant profit growth

Winnow customers typically save 3-8% on food cost

How Winnow helps Operations Managers

Food waste costs the hospitality industry between 4% and 12% of its revenue and so reducing these costs where possible can lead to significant improvements in profit. However, until now preventing food waste was an arduous process that was often counterproductive to running an efficient kitchen.

Our food innovation technology is built with commercial kitchens in mind, allowing them to quickly and easily record, monitor and improve food waste – so that kitchens can keep their costs low and their profits higher.

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"We have seen significant margin improvement on our buffet and are now planning to roll out the technology in other F&B areas in our hotel"

William J. Haandrikman, General Manager - Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

Winnow customers typically save 3-8 % on food cost

By cutting food waste in half, commercial kitchens can typically save 3-8 % on food cost. In hotels this can be the difference between missing and exceeding profit and loss targets, and in contract catering it can be the deciding factor in winning client tenders.

Rapid implementation and ROI – 95% see ROI within first year

Winnow is developed with rapid return on investment in mind. From the initial site visit to discuss your unique requirements to menu integration and installation, our food waste solution can be up and running on your site within just a few days and reports can be used to devise both short-term strategies in the kitchen and long-term strategies at operational level.

Transparent, measurable and actionable data

Transparent, measurable and actionable data

Winnow’s intuitive reporting feature enables management to identify key areas for improvement and report on return on investment and cost savings. The reports show how to reduce food waste, detailing will show where food is being lost - whether that is as a result of customer food preferences or preparation, storage,  or overproduction issues. Management can then work with their kitchens to identify areas for process improvements or the food offerings they provide.

As reports can be run when you desire – be that in real-time, daily or monthly – they can be used for immediate and long-term improvement discussions and reporting requirements. We can also assist clients by analysing their data trends and suggesting successful strategies that other clients have used in similar scenarios.

Scalable solutions, customised to your needs

Many hotels and contract caterers understandably wish to test the software before rolling it out to other sites and countries. We fully encourage this, as other sites will be much more engaged after an initial successful implementation and it also provides sufficient time to adapt the solution to the unique demands of your business, ensuring a greater ROI in future roll-outs.

Winnow is designed to scale quickly and easily and our international reach across 30 countries, with a team that consists of over 15 different nationalities, makes us perfectly placed to assist global businesses.

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