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08/07/2019 / How Dubai's decadent brunches are getting greener / CNN Travel
18/06/2019 / Award-winning AI technology helps IHG hotels track, measure and reduce food waste / IHG
05/06/2019 / The hospitality sector’s responsible business elite announced at footprint awards / Footprint Media
Gulf News
19/05/2019 / Food waste reduced by 81% at this Dubai hotel / Gulf News
Arabian Business
08/05/2019 / How Emaar Hospitality is leading the UAE food waste revolution / Arabian Business
15/04/2019 / Can Artificial Intelligence Tackle Our Food Waste Problem? / TTG Asia
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28/03/2019 / Artificial intelligence used in kitchen bin / BBC News
22/03/2019 / Meet The Smartest Trash Bin Yet / Forbes
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01/03/2019 / The FT 1000: third annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies / Financial Times
The Guardian
13/02/2019 / Restaurants could make £7 for every £1 invested in cutting waste, report reveals / The Guardian
Emirates News Agency
16/01/2019 / UAE hospitality industry saves 1.5 million meals from going to waste in 2018 / Emirates News Agency
Gulf News
09/01/2019 / How UAE can lead the world in reducing food wastage / Gulf News
Food Navigator
05/12/2018 / What you measure, you manage: The $1 trillion business case for reducing food waste / Food Navigator
Süddeutsche Zeitung
15/11/2018 / Eating Without Remorse / Essen ohne Reue / Süddeutsche Zeitung
FoodBytes! by Rabobank
18/10/2018 / FoodBytes! NYC Winning Food Tech Startups Tackle Food Waste and Milk Quality / FoodBytes! by Rabobank
Arabian Business
19/09/2018 / Waste reduction movement gains traction in UAE hospitality industry / Arabian News
FoodService Magazine
10/09/2018 / OzHarvest’s innovation arm ForPurposeCo. partners with anti-food waste leader / Food Service Magazine
Trade Arabia
Armani Hotel Dubai aims to eliminate food waste / Trade Arabia
Hotelier Middle East
29/07/2018 / Emaar partners with Winnow with the aim to cut food waste in half / Hotelier Middle East
26/07/2018 / How smart technology is helping to solve a $990 billion problem / CNBC
Seed & Chips
24/07/2018 / Turning Waste into Value: How Winnow is Winning Against Food Waste / Seeds & Chips
The Caterer
30/06/2018 / Tackling the food waste mountain / The Caterer
Nhân Dân
28/06/2018 / Cutting food waste: A path for sustainable tourism / Nhân Dân
BBC News
29/05/2018 / Clever bins cut food waste and save money / BBC News
The National
23/05/2018 / Ramadan food waste: Hotel chains pledge to save a million meals by the end of 2018 / The National
The Guardian
15/05/2018 / A matter of waste: how smart scales are helping restaurants bin less / The Guardian
Hubbub Foundation
27/05/2018 / Hubbub launches new food waste partnership / Hubbub Foundation
Compass Group UK & Ireland
25/04/2018 / Stop Food Waste Day Q&A: Marc Zornes / Compass Group UK & Ireland
The National
18/02/2018 / Ideas to chew on: how to end food waste in Saudi Arabia / The National
Business Green
06/02/2018 / Costa Cruises sets goal to halve food waste by 2020 / Business Green
Cruise Industry News
05/02/2018 / Costa Aims to Cut Food Waste in Half / Cruise Industry News
FnB News India
26/12/2017 / Tech co Winnow, sustainability co Diversey team up to fight food waste / FnB News
Financial Times
07/12/2017 / Retailers, distributors and growers struggle to curb food waste / Financial Times
B&I Catering
29/11/2017 / Waste not, want not / B&I Catering
28/11/2017 / Investing in a future of smart tech / Raconteur
Interesting Engineering
10/11/2017 / This Startup Is Turning Big Companies' Waste into 350,000 Meals / Interesting Engineering
Tech Crunch
23/10/2017 / Winnow raises further $7.4M for its smart kitchen tech that reduces commercial food waste / Tech Crunch
The Caterer
23/10/2017 / Winnow secures £5.6m investment to expand food waste solution / The Caterer
Bangkok Post
21/10/2017 / Feed the world, help make it a better place / Bangkok Post
19/09/2017 / Costa Cruises partners with Winnow to reduce food waste at sea / eHotelier
CNN Money
08/09/2017 / Startup helps Ikea save 350,000 meals from the trash can / CNN Money
BBC London News
24/08/2017 / London’s rubbish problem: Food waste / BBC London News
Compass UK & Ireland
11/08/2017 / Leading the fight against food waste / Compass Groups UK & Ireland
24/07/2017 / IoT & the cloud; the superheroes waging a war on food waste / DropBox
01/07/2017 / Leading the war on waste with the big players - P. 38 / EP Insights & Actions
20/06/2017 / With a connected smart scale, IKEA aims to cut food waste in half by 2020 / Mold
Gulf News
22/05/2017 / UAE urges residents to cut food waste during Ramadan / Gulf News
Dubai Eye
22/05/2017 / Food Waste on Ramadan / Dubai Eye
Khaleej Times
01/04/2017 / Smart meters to help reduce food wastage in UAE hotels / Khaleej Times
01/03/2017 / Smart chef start-up: how Marc Zornes made the subject of food waste palatable / Vision
Arabian Business
22/02/2017 / New app to help UAE hotels save $30,000 a year / Arabian Business
Gulf News
21/02/2017 / Hotel saves 14,000 plated meals in a year / Gulf News
The Guardian
06/02/2017 / Tackling food waste around the world: our top 10 apps / The Guardian
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11/02/2017 / Viewpoint: Winnow founder Marc Zornes on how to minimize food waste / The Caterer
The Guardian
28/01/2017 / Fighting food waste with an app...and a measuring spoon / The Guardian
11/08/2016 / Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit saves $80,000 USD through food waste program / eHotelier
Straits Times
27/07/2016 / Smart kitchen system checks food wastage / Straits Times
17/06/2016 / Could tech reduce food waste and help feed the world? / BBC News
the guardian
27/05/2016 / The smart tech startup helping restaurants cut food waste by 50% / The Guardian
Cost Sector Catering
09/02/2016 / Sector can aim higher on food waste says Marc Zornes / Cost Sector Catering
20/01/2016 / Winnow closes Series A fundraising round of $3.3m / Bloomberg
Eat Out
07/12/2015 / Winnow cuts food waste by 1/3 at River Cottage / Eat Out
11/05/2015 / Winnow announces close of $900,000 seed funding round / TechCrunch
The Sunday Telegraph
03/05/2015 / Alan Parker CBE joins Winnow board / The Sunday Telegraph
The Guardian
30/05/2015 / Winnow saves restaurants £6,000 on average with Food Save / The Guardian
The Guardian
30/05/2015 / Winnow cuts food waste in half with Restaurant Associates / The Guardian
Big Hospitality
24/04/2015 / Winnow shortlisted for Foot Print Media waste reduction award / Big Hospitality
The Caterer
23/03/2015 / Winnow announces +£1m in annualised savings for customers / The Caterer
  • Most commercial kitchens simply don’t know how much they waste - traditional manual tracking using pen and paper is prone to error and costs staff valuable time while generating only marginal reductions in waste.
  • Commercial kitchens waste up to as much food as they generate in profits.
  • Margins for the hospitality sector are being squeezed - contracts are becoming increasingly competitive and food prices have risen by 120% since 2000.
  • The hospitality sector wastes 600,000 tonnes of food per year compared to the retail sector (including supermarkets) which wastes 400,000 tonnes of food per year (WRAP).
  • Almost two thirds of the food waste the hospitality sector sends to landfill could have been avoided (DEFRA Food statistics pocketbook 2013. Refers to waste from hotels, pubs, restaurants and quick service restaurants).
  • Consumers are more concerned about food waste than other issues like animal welfare or the amount of saturated fat in food (Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker: Wave 8, May 2014: Food Standards Agency).
  • With staff turnover rates over 70% in the catering & hospitality sector, kitchen managers / head chefs focus heavily on staff attendance, retention and training, so any additional demands on their daily routines needs to be irresistible: simple to use (especially with staff, for whom English may be a second language) and produces real-time, relevant and easy-to-digest information.
Food waste stats and facts

Winnow is an old agricultural term meaning to separate the grain from the chaff or to separate the good from the bad. We do just that. Most food thrown away has value and could have been reused to make something else. Our technology helps to identify and prevent avoidable waste.

Acerca de Winnow

Winnow produce tecnología de vanguardia destinada a ayudar a los chefs a reducir los residuos de alimentos a la mitad. Conectamos cocinas comerciales de todo el mundo a la nube, permitiéndoles registrar y analizar con absoluta precisión lo que se ha tirado al cubo de basura. De esta manera, los chefs reciben la información necesaria para impulsar mejoras en sus procesos de producción con el fin de reducir los residuos de alimentos a la mitad, ahorrando dinero y reduciendo su huella medioambiental al mismo tiempo. El Sistema Winnow, simple e intuitivo, ha sido diseñado específicamente para las cocinas ajetreadas.

Creemos que lo que se mide puede gestionarse y que, mediante el uso inteligente de la tecnología y la información, se puede hacer que las cocinas sean más eficientes.

Creemos que es responsabilidad de todos aprovechar al máximo la comida. Debemos cocinar de manera más inteligente; la comida es demasiado valiosa para desperdiciarla.

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Nicola Sewell
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